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About Us

FBC KidSteps Preschool was established in 2012 as a ministry of the First Baptist Church of Warrensburg, dedicated to providing a high quality early childhood program.


We seek to meet the needs of the whole child, individualizing the program to meet the needs of each one.  We recognize the importance of child-initiated activity and the significance of play as a vehicle for learning.


Our classrooms are flexible, stimulating environments where we use an integrated curriculum so that children learn by doing and can make choices about how they learn.


We provide experiences that include pre-literacy skills, beginning math concepts, basic science investigations, art, music and movement activities, fine and gross motor skill development and a nurturing atmostphere in which to grow emotionally and socially.


The goal of our approach is that children form positive attitudes about education and about their own capabilities as a successful learner.  Children with such positive attitudes have a strong foundation for success in life. Equally important is our goal of assuring young children and their families of their importance to God who loves them dearly.


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