KidSteps Teaching Assistant – Hours & Experience


KidSteps Preschool is looking for morning program teaching assistant(s) to work 8:00am – 12:30pm, Mondays – Fridays during the school year. This could be one person Monday – Friday, or two people with one working M-W-F in the four-year-old class, and another person working T-R in the three-year-old class.


Interested applicants should download and complete the Teacher Application and submit via email to or bring it to the church office.


Qualities of good preschool teachers:


1. Patient – Teachers work with children at their own pace, sometimes answering the same questions and restating the same expectations over and over.

2. Personality – A great teacher is liable, gentle, kind, and supportive.

3. Energetic – Great teachers bring life to the classroom, engaging children in interesting activities.

4. Knowledgeable – Teachers need in-depth understanding of content areas to be able to engage children at all levels of development.


5. Flexible – Be able to change course to maintain interest or to manage difficult situations.

6. Good listener and communicator – Children will not pay attention if they feel they are not being heard. Teachers must speak in ways children can understand.

7. Organized – By planning ahead teachers have needed support items for a lesson easily accessible and in order.

8. Maturity – Be able to deal with children’s problems and handle their conflicts so that they can learn from them.

9. Passion for teaching and for young children – Teachers should build a good rapport and trusting relationship as they influence children’s lives immensely.

10. Compassionate – All children struggle with something. Teachers need to be emotionally available to children to lend them needed support.

11. Confident – Having knowledge of program philosophy and procedures, the teacher possesses the ability to learn and change and remain confident in any situation.

12. Interesting – The teaching style is lively and fresh, associating learning with real life experiences.